15.00 GBP

With this kit you get -

2x SPAS+holoscope
2x LR300+holoscope
2x M249+holoscope
2x Rocket launcher

2x M39+holoscope
2x L96+8x scope
Extra ammo + Rockets

10000x low grade
2x Supply flares
50x C4
2x Test generators
Shorter teleport countdown
Licence to spawn the scrap heli
Enhanced repair hammer
Base build limit - unlimited

Backpack for extra carry space (use /backpack to use)

Free item skinning (use /skin to bring up the skinning tool)

Sign artist (use /sil <picture url> to import a picture to a sign - must be under 1Mb)

Discord raid alerts - Get a warning when you raided, even if you are offline!

This kit can be redeemed in the Skunkpuss server once every hour by typing /kit in chat 

You can not use kits if you are using a family share account to log into the server